Tools & Downloads

This page lists Excel workbooks, Google Sheets, and other resources that might be helpful for building more tools!

Databases Database - an attempt to aggregate all possible sources of dynasty-relevant player-data. Also good for linking player IDs!

Arbitrage App - an app built to help find comparable players based on any criteria in the DynastyProcess database.

FantasyPros Weekly Scrapes - this is a weekly scrape of FantasyPros ECR pages - eventually to be used for tracking risers and fallers!

Trade Calculators

Trade Calculator - this is a simple Google Sheets-based trade calculator based on the Market Values sheet.

Player Values

Market Values - this is the classic set of DynastyDashboard values posted as a Google Sheet. Assumes standard dynasty formats. Algorithm is given so that you can tweak it to your liking - although no promises that your liking will match your leaguemates. Can be linked to other Google Sheets via IMPORTRANGE.

Draft/Auction Tools

Startup Auction Helper - a Google Sheet designed to estimate approximate auction value of a player based on Market Values and amount of remaining budget. Inspired by u/slodanslodan’s sheet (all I did was tie it to my values sheet).

Rookie Draft Tracker - a Google sheet designed to help run an offline chat-based rookie draft (for the poor schmucks still on ESPN or Yahoo.) Keeps track of picks and crosses off names as players are taken. Set to view-only and share with league so that everyone’s on the same page.

Rookie Auction Tracker - similar to Rookie Draft Tracker but for rookie auctions held on a chat server. Keeps track of budget and players taken, set to view-only and share with league. No timer function is included - not a lot of great ways to do that cleanly, but I can work on it if someone really needs help.

More to come!