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Frequently Asked Questions - Web App

This app is by no means a finished product - please give us any feedback you can! @_TanHo or @JoeSydlowskiFF

What is the “Depth Value Slider”?

One major problem with trade calculators is the idea that there is a universal number that describes how players should be valued relative to the others. I’m taking an initial stab at this problem by allowing you to play with the “depth” weighting. If your league values depth more (i.e. is a best ball league, has more starter, roster, or team spots than usual) you would move the slider to the right - and if your league values studs more, you would move the slider to the left. It’s preset to the original equation that is used in the market values calculator.

I’ve got a few more ideas on getting better at tweaking values - we’ll get there sometime this offseason!

FAQ - Google Sheets

How do I use the Trade Calculator?

Please go to File > Make A Copy and save it to your Google Drive. Don’t worry, it’ll still be connected to the Market Values sheet and will update every time the values are updated!

What is a Fudge Factor?

A “Fudge Factor” is used to help create a window where the trade is essentially equal or where the difference is so small that it can be chalked up to a difference in opinion. The baseline is 5%.

What is the Trade Wizard?

I originally created the Trade Wizard to help identify targets for package deals (many-to-one). It’ll identify potential trade targets that are up to [Variance Factor]% more or less than the package total. A popular axiom for dynasty owners is that a dollar is worth more than five quarters, which is to say that one elite player is worth more than five role players that theoretically add up to the same value. To account for this, there is a [Package Penalty]% that reduces the upper and lower limits of player targets based on the number of players in a package.