Our Arbitrage App helps you identify ‘bargain’ versions of specific players.

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Inspired by similar projects found at RotoViz, this app uses Euclidean distance-minimization to find the most similar five (or ten) players based on selected criteria from the DynastyProcess database. This, coupled with the FantasyPros consensus ranks, helps gives some objective data as to a) whether you should buy/sell a certain player and b) what alternatives you might have to them.

Some Suggested Combinations

This tool is extremely flexible - you can search by literally as many or as few columns as you’d like.

If you’re not sure which sets of data to start with, here are a few that we recommend as starting points for each position:

Position Comparison Type Variables
QB general age, draftround, paATTs, AYA, ppr/g
RB opportunity draftround, ms_tgts, ruATTs, offSnapsPct
RB efficiency ruTDs, reTDs, ppr/g, adot
RB athletic age, height, forty, cone
WR opportunity draftround, wopr, adot, offSnapsPct
WR efficiency racr, reTDs ,ppr/g, adot
WR athletic age, height, forty, cone, shuttle
TE opportunity draftround, wopr, adot, offSnapsPct
TE efficiency racr, reTDs ,ppr/g, adot
TE athletic age, forty, cone, height, broad

Feel free to include any statistics that you might feel are relevant or predictive - and share any interesting comparisons with us!