Hi, I’m Tan. You might know me as the person behind DynastyDashboard.com, where I published Excel tools and value charts for DynastyFF. DynastyProcess.com is a pivot on the project, containing of all of those tools as well as incorporating writing on strategy, game theory, data, rules, and more.

I’m also super stoked to include some fantastic web-apps built by Joe Sydlowski (@JoeSydlowskiFF) based on the data!

Featured Project: Database

> Web App, CSV, Excel workbook

My ongoing project for the last little while - this database aggregates a ton of data, including:

You can connect to the raw CSV posted on GitHub via a Google Sheet or any other data-import tool and it’ll automatically update when I update the data :smiley: Future extensions: college market share/statistics, some kind of prospect film grade, expected fantasy points, and more.

More to come!

Contribute to DynastyProcess.com!

DynastyProcess is dedicated to collaborative and open-source work - the import tools, Excel sheets, databases, and web-apps will always be free. If you’ve got ideas, feedback, bugs, or any other extensions on the work found here, [please reach out to me directly on Twitter] and I’d love to have a conversation about it!

This is a labour of love that I’m happy to continue for as long as I can. That said, if you’d like to support the costs of running this site, I’ve got accounts set up at Patreon (for recurring contributions) and PayPal (for one-time contributions). I’m happy to take support on a pay-what-you-can basis. A bonus for supporting me: I’d be happy to direct more attention to any projects or requests you’d like me to look into!